Some might argue it would be pointless speaking about the inescapable. But it would be worse if we don’t. At the quite minimum concepts may be floated about which may possibly –just might– prod these in authority to just take the appropriate course. Of program, I am talking about Metro Cebu’s worsening traffic congestion. Specifically in Cebu City because it is in which it generally starts and propagates to the relaxation. And it is beginning now.

Let us just pound in the actuality that site visitors congestion is not a 1-time situation that you remedy and voila! It disappears eternally. Relatively, it is a never-ending saga. As the populace grows, auto ownership grows, and what ever street room we put together will sooner or later be loaded up. Unless of led traffic light shift to community mass transportation, we’d always cyclically engage in this cat-and-mouse match of purchasing-automobiles-building-road place syndrome. Till we run out of place.

Cebu City’s particular problem is that it is the centre of the metropolis. By alone it presently makes more of the outings for every day, and then we incorporate all the journeys made in the south passing by way of heading to the north and to Mactan Island and vice-versa. Which is the cause why there is a want for a metro-extensive evaluation and difficulty-fixing in terms of targeted traffic, especially with the opening of CCLEX. When the Lapu-Lapu Expressway opens in a 12 months or two, the previously-congested Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR) would be stretched to the boundaries. I really do not mind –I already bicycle 50 % of the time. But woe to people who are helplessly dependent on their cars for transport.

The present sporadic gridlock in several back links today is contributed to some extent by the lack of ability of nearby site visitors administrators to distinguish among pass-through and regional site visitors expressways and feeder or city roadways, accentuated by the introduction of intersections and visitors lights on highways not made for this sort of. Added to that is the use of a visitors gentle method which are supposedly adaptive but clearly are not, with counters which do not reflect the traffic on the floor.

For several years, Cebu Town boasted of the greatest traffic light-weight program in the globe, the SCATS, or Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Site visitors Technique, right up until the manufacturer stopped making spare components and upgrades. We’re now caught with a “new” one particular, which does not coordinate at all, operates by by itself, and doesn’t even have a handle technique to talk of if my inside of details is right. And which is not compensated up however.

For us in Cebu Town, we just have to endure. Effectively, not just us but the relaxation of Metro Cebu. CSCR is supposedly the expressway from the Talisay to the north, until they transformed it into a nearby street. Together with CCLEX, the two also served as the main rapidly lane to Mactan Island and back again, again until finally intersections were inserted. And the key link to observe is F. Vestil Road. Hold out till the growth on the other aspect of the road is accomplished –which is a monstrous gridlock waiting to take place.

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